10 Important gadgets you want in a Motorhome or automotive first assist package (Europe)

Planning to go to France or Europe in your motorhome? Must put collectively a automotive first assist package? Questioning what the ten important gadgets are in any first assist package and wish to adjust to European legislation?

Right here’s all the things it is advisable to know.


Do you want a Motorhome or automotive first assist package when driving in France?


It’s that easy. It’s the legislation that you just carry a primary assist package when driving in France, in any car.

Right here is all the opposite important package it is advisable to carry when driving in France & Europe.

Why are there European First Assist Package necessities for automotive first assist kits?

Throughout Europe, many international locations uphold the ‘Good Samaritan Legislation’, which makes it necessary so that you can cease and assist somebody within the occasion of an accident.

It is a REALLY sensitive topic, particularly in these enjoyable days of extreme litigation, however because the legislation stands proper now, particularly in France, you may be prosecuted for NOT stopping to assist at an accident.

Apparently, in accordance with Motoring in Europe, the present advantageous for NOT serving to may prolong to five YEARS imprisonment and 50,000€!!!!

So let’s simply agree that it is advisable to take a primary assist package with you if you street journey France and Europe.

What’s the important medical package to cowl the European First Assist necessities?

Right here’s the place it will get actually fun- there are NO precise necessities on what it is advisable to carry within the first assist package. You simply want one which complies with EU laws.

Having stated that, many of the European authorized first assist kits have close to sufficient the identical contents. The contents are regulated by an EU quantity referred to as DIN13164- ensure your package complies to this.

For motorcyclists, the package is DIN13167- I do not know what the distinction is- each kits appear to comprise very related issues.

What package do I would like to hold in my camper or automotive first assist package?

That is the checklist from the AA First Assist Package, which is DIN13164 compliant. As I stated beforehand, all different varieties are very related. When you’re making up your personal package, listed below are the ten necessities gadgets to incorporate in a automotive first assist package:

  • 6 x wound dressings (10cm x 10cm)
  • 2 x triangular badges (136cm x 96cm x 96 cm)
  • 2 x first assist dressings (40cm x 60cm)
  • 1 x first assist dressing (60cm x 80cm)
  • 3 x first assist compress (8cm x 10cm)
  • 2 x bandages (4m x 6cm)
  • 3 x bandages (4m x 8cm)
  • 1 x emergency blanket (160cm x 210cm)
  • 8 x adhesive plasters (10cm x 6cm)
  • 1 x pair of scissors
  • 1 x adhesive tape (5m x 2.5cm)

You will get all this package within the AA automotive first assist package right here: 

Different issues which we embrace in our RV or automotive medical package:

  • antiseptic (now we have particular person wipes and a tube of Savlon)
  • painkillers (nurofen & paracetamol)
  • wound-cleaning gauze
  • plasters of varied sizes
  • Spray plaster
  • tweezers
  • nail clippers
  • thermometer (if in case you have kids- we haven’t used ours for years!)
  • Youngster-friendly medicines, like Calpol
  • Bonjela for mouth ulcers
  • antihistamines/ hayfever tablets
  • Suntan lotion (embrace totally different strengths as required)
  • Aftersun therapy
  • Voltarol or related for ache aid
  • Deep warmth spray (miracle employee!)
  • insect repellent- if you happen to discover one which works, please let me know!!
  • insect chunk therapy – ditto above!
  • Security pins
  • Eye-wash package
  • Anti-blister kits or stuff to place in sneakers that are rubbing- so helpful if you happen to’re doing a number of mountaineering
  • remedy for pre-existing medical circumstances
  • Cough medication
  • Vaporub
  • Antiseptic throat spray
  • Throat Lozenges
  • Imodium
  • Windeze
  • Sudafed
  • SPARE GLASSES- particularly if you happen to want them for driving

Not all of those must be saved in your first-aid package pack, however ensure they’re saved securely so that they don’t rattle round.  (We HATE motorhome rattles!)

We use little tubs like these which match completely within the lockers within the motorhome and don’t transfer round.


Do you want a breathalyzer when driving in France?


The French put it out as a legislation a number of years in the past… after which quietly eliminated the legislation. 

It’s nonetheless doing the rounds, however no, you do NOT want to hold a breathalyser when driving in France in a motorhome, camper, automotive, motorcycle or some other car!

Test your remedy

Earlier than you permit, please verify you have got sufficient remedy to your street journey. When you take giant quantities of remedy abroad, ensure you have a letter explaining what it’s and why you want it.


On the lookout for important Motorhome package to take in your Street Journey? 

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Do you know the 10 essential items you need in a car or RV first aid kit? Or how to pack a DIY first aid kit for road trip travelling? Here's what you need to know to comply with the law when travelling in France or Europe in a car, motorhome or need a camper first aid kit. Travel tips | Travel first aid kit | Motorhome Travel | Road Trip tips | Road trip Kit | Road trip planning | Europe Road Trip | Car first aid kit | Car travel

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