The Finest Water Filters for Journey 2023 + Every thing You Must Know

If you’re planning a visit or outside journey to a vacation spot the place the native water won’t be secure for ingesting, you is perhaps contemplating packing a water filter. This is perhaps a backcountry tenting journey, a mountain climbing journey, or a visit abroad the place you aren’t positive if the faucet water is secure to drink.

Regardless of the purpose that you’re interested by packing a water filter, this submit will assist. We’re going to cowl all the pieces you want to know in the case of selecting a water filter for journey, and in addition recommend the most effective water filters in your journey.

We’ll go over what a water filter is and why you would possibly want one. We’ll take a look at what water filters really take away from the water, and the completely different strategies they use for doing so. We’ll cowl a spread of options {that a} water filter may need, and which of them it’s best to think about vital in your journey.

We’ve used a variety of completely different water filters on our travels, each on tenting journeys within the again nation and on journeys to nations the place the water wasn’t secure to drink.

We’ve put this information collectively primarily based on our private expertise in addition to in depth analysis utilizing info from trusted sources like authorities companies.

By the tip of this submit, it’s best to know in case you want a water filter in your subsequent journey, and in that case, which one goes to fulfill your wants and finances!

Why You May Must Filter Your Water

Earlier than we get into particular water filters, let’s take a look at why and the place you would possibly have to deal with the water you’re ingesting.

As people, we’d like water to outlive. Basic pointers are to drink 6 to eight 8oz glasses of water per day. The precise quantity required varies relying on a spread of things, together with ambient temperature and our degree of bodily exercise. A scarcity of water can shortly change into deadly, with most specialists agreeing that the human physique can solely survive just a few days with out water.

So, we undoubtedly want water. Sadly, water usually comprises issues that aren’t good for us. These can embrace micro organism, viruses, and parasites in addition to chemical compounds and metals.

A few of these could trigger gentle to average diseases like travellers’ diarrhoea (or vacationers’ diarrhea). That is really the most typical ailment vacationers are more likely to endure from. Others can result in very severe sickness and even demise. As such, you will need to make sure that the water you’re uncovered to is clear and freed from any dangerous contaminants.

This contains ingesting water, and in addition the water you utilize for brushing your tooth, as ice in drinks, for cleansing fruit and veggies, amongst different issues. It solely takes a small quantity of contaminated water to trigger a severe situation.

The principle causes folks use water filtration units are to filter doubtlessly unsafe water for ingesting, cooking, and private hygiene. Frequent conditions the place you would possibly have to filter water are as follows:

  • When mountain climbing, tenting, fishing, boating, and backcountry journey the place it’s possible you’ll be ingesting untreated water
  • Worldwide journey to locations with unsafe ingesting water
  • Conditions, resembling flooding or water therapy points, that make residence water provide unsafe
  • As an environmentally-friendly different to purchasing and ingesting bottled water
  • To filter secure however dangerous tasting water

Now, there are a variety of various methods you could deal with water, as outlined by the US Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention right here. These embrace boiling water, utilizing chemical therapies, filtration strategies, and the usage of UV gentle. So that you do have to just be sure you are utilizing the most effective methodology primarily based on the kind of contaminant, the vacation spot, and your travels.

We focus on all these strategies in additional element in our information to accessing secure ingesting water when touring. That information additionally covers issues like learn how to know if you want to filter water, and the place faucet water is secure to drink. We might advocate studying that information as effectively for a fuller understanding of the subject.

This information will focus particularly on water filtration as a way for treating water. On this information we might be primarily taking a look at water filters from a journey perspective, that means units which are designed to offer you drinkable water on journeys overseas, mountain climbing, again nation tenting journeys, and many others.

Filling LifeStraw from river


What’s Water Filtration?

Water filtration is a technique of purifying water for ingesting. Within the case of water filtration for journey, the objective is to make it secure to drink. There are different water filters in the marketplace, usually marketed for in-home use, that are primarily designed to take away style and odor from water, however these usually are not throughout the scope of this information.

Water filtration units are a well-liked choice for making water secure to drink when touring, with a variety of choices obtainable in the marketplace at various worth factors. Water filtration works by passing the water to be handled via a superb filter. The filter pores are so superb that they take away many contaminants from the water, leading to clear, drinkable water.

Usually, the dimensions of the filter pores will decide which contaminants the filter is able to eradicating. Filter pores of round 0.1 – 0.2 microns (100 or 200 nanometres) will filter protozoa and micro organism, however not viruses. To filter out viruses, the CDC recommends filtration pores smaller than 0.03 microns (30 nanometers).

There are different applied sciences that can be utilized as a part of a water filter resembling ion alternate know-how which might additionally purify water of varied contaminants. These often work together with pore-based know-how.

A very good water filter will clearly listing what it’s able to cleansing, and also needs to reference the certification requirements it has met that enable it to make these claims. Extra on these requirements in a while within the submit.

Some water filters additionally embrace a carbon filtration stage which is designed to take away dangerous tastes from the water.


Benefits and Disadvantages of Water Filters for Journey

A water filter could be a good choice for journey, however it’s not the one choice.

A few of the benefits of water filtration over different water therapy strategies embrace:

  • They’ll filter a number of contaminants, together with micro organism and protozoa. Some may also filter viruses.
  • They’ll filter water in a shorter period of time than most different strategies – nearly immediately in sure kinds of filters such because the straw ones
  • They can take away cloudiness brought on by dust/silt/sand, producing clear ingesting water
  • They’ll improve the style of water with carbon filtration
  • The filtration machine additionally usually acts as a ingesting vessel and for water storage, that means you’ll be able to carry some water with you
  • They don’t require any type of power supply to work, that means they’re efficient even when off-grid
  • They’re a light-weight choice in comparison with one thing like a camp range
  • Some filtration programs, notably gravity-based filtration, are perfect for cleansing giant quantities of water which is nice for a gaggle situation

A few of the disadvantages of water filtration over different water therapy strategies embrace:

  • The upfront prices may be increased than another strategies, though over time this value evens out
  • Most programs have filters which want substitute, including to the general value
  • They’re extra cumbersome than some choices resembling chemical filtration tablets or drops
  • Some effort/pressure is required on some strategies of filtration, together with pump-based and straw-based filtration strategies
  • They aren’t as efficient on sure kinds of contaminants as boiling

General, a water filter could be a nice choice, however it’s not the one one. See extra choices in our information to secure ingesting water for journey.

Using Grayl_by_


What to Search for in a Journey Water Filter or Air purifier

Earlier than we undergo a few of our beneficial water filters, we wished to cowl what you ought to be in search of in a water filtration machine.


What can a Water Filter Take away?

In all probability an important query you want to ask when searching for a water filter or air purifier is what it’s able to eradicating out of your water.

The principle contaminants you’re more likely to wish to take away from water are:

  • Viruses
  • Micro organism
  • Protozoa
  • Parasites
  • Chemical compounds 
  • Metals
  • Dust / silt / sand
  • Microplastics

Whereas water filtration and water purification programs are capable of take away the above kinds of contaminants, not all filtration programs are able to eradicating all these contaminants from water. To decide on the most effective water therapy methodology, it would be best to think about the place you’re touring and the types of water sources you’re more likely to have entry to.

Most water filtrations programs can take away most dust, sand, microplastics, micro organism, protozoa, and parasites from the water. Nonetheless, solely these with finer filters will be capable of deal with viruses as effectively. And solely these with carbon filters will typically be capable of take away chemical compounds affecting the style or scent of the water.

For backcountry journey within the US for instance, the extra urgent considerations are protozoa and micro organism, which most water filters ought to be capable of deal with. Viruses are mostly transmitted through human waste, and this transmission is much much less frequent within the US because of good waste administration practices and low inhabitants densities within the areas the place vacationers would possibly have to filter water sources.

Vacationers to creating components of the world may wish to think about a water purification system that may additionally take away viruses. In fact, these of you desirous to err on the aspect of warning (not a foul factor), would possibly desire a full purification system no matter vacation spot.


What can’t a Water Filter Take away?

Water filters and water purifiers can’t take away each potential sort of dangerous contaminant from water. You’ll want to rigorously learn the specs of a specific water filtration product to make sure it removes the contaminants of concern for you.

It is very important observe that water filters are typically NOT able to eradicating issues like:

  • Gasoline oil
  • Poisonous chemical compounds
  • Radioactive supplies

In eventualities like this, which usually are catastrophe associated, the CDC recommends utilizing bottled water.

Water filters for journey are additionally not designed to desalinate or filter seawater or ocean water.


Water Filter vs Water Air purifier

You might come throughout the time period water filter and the time period water air purifier, and marvel what the distinction is. The distinction is generally right down to what it removes from the water.

A water filter is generally able to filtering out protozoa and micro organism, and has bigger pore sizes within the filter mesh. A water air purifier may also filter out protozoa and micro organism, however is moreover able to filtering out viruses that are a lot smaller.

Travellers in the US will usually be extra involved with micro organism and protozoa resembling Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which may be filtered out with a water filter. Vacationers to much less developed nations might want to think about viral dangers like hepatitis A, which require a air purifier.

These two kinds of filtration merchandise are usually grouped collectively and we might be overlaying each of those merchandise in our information.


What Filter Mechanism Does It Use?

Water filtration units, because the title suggests, use a filter to scrub the water. These filters are very superb, and the water usually wants some strain to be able to cross via the filter itself.

Completely different filter programs have adopted completely different approaches to this. Three frequent programs are straw-based, pump-based, and gravity-based.

A straw-based system works like a ingesting straw. The filter is discovered inside a big ingesting straw like machine. You place one finish of the straw within the water to be filtered, and suck on the opposite finish. The motion of sucking via the straw creates damaging strain which ends up in the water passing via the filter and into your mouth. This can be a good choice the place you could have common entry to water, however is finest suited to single individual use. It might additionally require numerous effort to suck the water via the straw.

Examples of beneficial straw-based filtration programs are the LifeStraw Go and Sawyer Bottle.

A pump-based system works utilizing some sort of pump to exert strain on the water and pressure it via the filter. This can be a good choice for filtering water for later use, and you’ll filter as a lot or as little water as required within the second. The drawback is that it might probably require numerous guide effort to filter the water.

Examples of well-liked pump-based filtration programs are the Survivor Filter Professional and Grayl UltraPress.

A gravity-based system makes use of gravity to pressure the water via the filter. You add the water to be filtered to a bag, dangle it up someplace with the filter on the backside, and gravity causes the water to cross via the filter. This could take a while, and is extra well-liked for bigger quantities of water. This can be a good choice for a gaggle camp or for RV use the place you wish to filter bigger quantities of water for a number of folks.

An instance of a well-liked gravity-based filtration system is the LifeStraw Mission.


How Lengthy Does It Take to Filter Water?

When evaluating a water filtration or purification system, it’s best to examine how lengthy it takes to filter the water. Generally, producers ought to present an estimate for a way lengthy it takes to filter a specific amount of water, say one litre or one gallon.

For instance, a gravity or pump-based system is perhaps able to filtering 10 litres in a single hour.

For a straw-based system, the pace will depend upon how onerous you suck on the straw. However filtration is pretty instantaneous.


How Simple is it to Use, Keep, Clear and Retailer?

On the subject of a product that’s designed to create secure ingesting water, you ideally need it to be as simple to make use of as potential. We advocate trying on the instruction guide for any product to get a really feel for what number of steps are concerned in producing clear water.

If a product has an advanced, multi-stage course of, there’s a increased chance that you’re going to get one thing flawed, doubtlessly resulting in ingesting contaminated water. Ideally, the method needs to be easy and simple to recollect.

In addition to ease of use, additionally, you will wish to think about how simple the product you select is to keep up, clear, and retailer. It needs to be simple to take aside for any cleansing, and there needs to be pointers on how finest to retailer it between makes use of.

A water filter isn’t one thing you’re more likely to be utilizing on daily basis, so between journeys you wish to ensure it’s one thing you’ll be able to pack away for subsequent time with out fear.


How A lot Water Can it Filter?

Most programs for water filtration and purification have a restrict on how a lot water they’ll filter. Bigger pore filters, resembling these designed to take away micro organism and protozoa, are likely to have an extended lifespan than these with smaller pores that are designed for viruses.

So for instance, a purification filter that may filter out viruses would possibly be capable of do 100 – 400 litres earlier than the filter wants changing. A system for micro organism would possibly be capable of do 1000L+ earlier than it wants changing.

It’s because the best way the filters work is that they really get blocked up by the stuff they’re filtering out of the water. Over time, all of the pores might be blocked and the filter will cease permitting water via. Smaller pores get blocked faster than bigger pores.

Some filter programs can help you lengthen the lifetime of the filter by “back-washing” them. This entails forcing purified water via the filter in reverse to scrub it out. This could considerably lengthen the lifespan of the filter.

Some water filter programs have completely different filter phases as effectively. For instance, there is perhaps a pore-based filter for filtering out nasties, and a carbon-based filter for enhancing the style. Typically, the carbon-based filter may have a extra restricted lifespan. The excellent news is {that a} worn-out carbon filter doesn’t make the water much less secure to drink, though the style of the water is perhaps degraded when it’s worn out.

The principle factor is to determine how a lot water you’re more likely to have to filter in your journey, primarily based on period and variety of folks. Then you’ll be able to see if the machine you’re selecting might be enough, and in case you would possibly have to put money into extra filters.


How Sturdy Is It?

Relying on the place you intend to make use of it, a water filtration system is more likely to be a critically vital a part of your package. Gaining access to clear water is actually vital, and also you want to have the ability to depend on the product you’re shopping for.

Ideally the product may have been examined to face up to a specific amount of affect, each empty and full. If it shops water, you wish to ensure it’s not going to leak. Out on the path, you need one thing that’s going to have the ability to deal with being dropped or bashed round a bit with out failing.

Undoubtedly be cautious of something that has small fiddly bits of plastic which may simply break, as this might trigger a major problem. We might usually advocate having a fall-back system, resembling chemical purification tablets if you can be off-grid for some time, simply in case.


How A lot Does It Weigh?

Weight is a crucial consideration for any traveler. If you’re planning a again nation mountain climbing journey the place you’re carrying all the pieces in your again, then you’ll undoubtedly be interested by weight an important deal.

Nonetheless, even vacationers with checked baggage don’t have infinite baggage allowances! So you’re unlikely to wish to pack a giant cumbersome water filtration system, or carry it with you when you find yourself out sightseeing.

The excellent news is that most of the choices in the marketplace are light-weight and designed to be transportable, usually being not a lot bigger or heavier than a traditional water bottle.


Does it Have Replaceable Components?

Completely different filter designs will seemingly have completely different components which are replaceable, and it’s price understanding what these components are and what the substitute prices are.

Most filter programs may have replaceable filters, however some could have extra components like hoses or seals that you’ll be able to change.

When evaluating costs of various programs, it’s price checking the completely different costs of those substitute components and their estimated lifespan so you could have an concept of a complete lifetime value.


Certification of Efficacy

For one thing as vital as secure ingesting water, it’s not sufficient to consider a producer’s claims of efficacy. Any producer of a water filtration or purification system that believes of their product needs to be prepared to have it independently examined to an agreed customary. Ideally these checks might be offered in full so that you can take a look at.

There are two important requirements which are used for water purification / filtration testing. The primary is the EPA customary. This was developed by the US-based Environmental Safety Company within the Eighties, and offered a framework for testing micro organic water purifiers to be able to exhibit in the event that they produced water that was secure to drink.

A more moderen testing framework, NSF P231, was launched by the worldwide organisation NSF (this used to face for Nationwide Sanitation Basis, however right now it’s simply referred to as NSF). The NSF framework was developed primarily based on the EPA doc, however is often revised and up to date.

NSF P231 is the usual you ought to be in search of at the least for filtration testing. It’s a powerful 10-day check in a number of components, and a good producer ought to be capable of present proof that their machine handed the check in full.

It’s price noting that there’s additionally an much more strict customary, NSF P248, which some manufacturers additionally check to for further peace of thoughts. That is much like P231, however was developed for testing US army water purification programs to be used on army operations. This one is much less frequent for consumer-focused filters, however in order for you the last word in peace of thoughts, think about investing in a product which has met P248 testing necessities.

Observe that there are different NSF testing requirements, together with NSF 42 and 53. These are primarily designed to check residence water filters for style enhancements, slightly than to render them secure.

We might undoubtedly advocate investing in a filter that meets EPA and NSF P231 testing requirements, and which supplies proof of the identical.


Value Per Litre / Gallon

When you’re evaluating completely different water filters and purifiers, it may be onerous to get an concept of how they evaluate from a value standpoint.

One good solution to evaluate is to see how a lot it might value you to filter one litre or one gallon of water utilizing the machine. To do that, you simply want the price of the machine and the quantity of water it might probably filter over its lifetime.

For instance, you would possibly spend 100 {dollars} on a tool that may filter 1,000 litres of water. 100 divided by 1,000 is 0.10. So this machine would value you 10 cents per litre.

In fact, if the machine has a replaceable filter which prices 25 {dollars}, your future value will drop. So over the whole lifetime of the product your total value is perhaps decrease. Nonetheless, calculating the preliminary value per litre or per gallon is an efficient start line for comparability functions.


What Water Sources Does It Help?

Relying on the kind of journey you’re doing, you would possibly want a special fashion of water filtration machine. For instance, if you’re primarily travelling in a rustic the place you simply wish to filter the faucet water for security, then most units will work superb as you’ll be able to simply maintain them below the faucet.

Nonetheless, if you’re planning a again nation journey that can require you to supply water from a stream or river, then you have to a tool that permits you to seize that water, particularly if the supply is shallow. This would possibly contain tubing and a pump, or another mechanism for capturing the water to be filtered.

The principle factor is to select a tool that’s able to working within the numerous eventualities you have to to make use of it in.


What Temperatures Does It Work In?

It’s actually vital to test what temperatures the machine you intend to purchase is able to working in. That is particularly the case if you’re planning on touring to a chilly climate vacation spot.

When the temperature dips beneath freezing, clearly this could trigger any water inside your filtration system to freeze. Some filters might be completely broken if this occurs, and so usually are not rated to be used in freezing climate circumstances.

Most units will work superb in heat climate, though do at all times test what temperature vary the machine is rated for and evaluate it with the temperatures you count on to come across when utilizing it.


The Finest Water Filters for Journey

We are going to now undergo our choose of the most effective water filters for journey. We listing merchandise throughout a variety of water capability sizes and worth factors that can swimsuit a wide range of vacationers’ wants. We embrace water filters and water purifiers that use every of the three main filtration strategies.

Earlier than we do although, a fast observe. We aren’t certified water purification specialists or medical professionals, and it’s best to search skilled steerage as to the most effective water filter in your wants and particular scenario. This text is for info functions primarily based on our experiences, and doesn’t represent well being recommendation.

We might stress that water purification is a posh subject, and ingesting water that’s not correctly handled may be life threatening. So please make sure you analysis the subject completely, perceive the dangers in your wants and vacation spot, and get certified recommendation if you’re not sure.

These merchandise are grouped by filter sort (straw, gravity and pump), after which roughly by worth, though costs range so do evaluate earlier than making a call.


LifeStraw Go

LifeStraw are a well known model on the planet of water filtration. They make a spread of merchandise, some designed for giant scale water filtration in creating nations, others which are targeted on the wants of vacationers particularly.

Our favorite LifeStraw product for normal journey is the LifeStraw Go. We’ve used this on again nation hikes within the USA the place there hasn’t been filtered faucet water obtainable, together with on a multi-day hike to Havasu Falls in Arizona. We’ve additionally taken it on worldwide journeys to filter faucet water.

The Best Water Filters for Travel 2023 + Everything You Need to Know

The LifeStraw Go is a mixed water bottle and water filter. It makes use of a straw-based filter system. To make use of it, you fill the bottle with the water you wish to filter. The lid has a detachable giant straw filter hooked up to it, and while you suck via the spout within the lid the motion of sucking attracts the water via the filter.

There’s are numerous sizes obtainable, together with a 650ml (22 fl oz) model and a 1 litre (34 fl oz) model, and it may be bought in both a chrome steel of BPA free plastic model. You too can purchase a straw standalone in case you don’t need the bottle.

The product makes use of a 0.2 micron filter which is able to filtering out micro organism and parasites, however not viruses. It might deal with as much as 4,000 litres (1,000 gallons) earlier than the filter must be changed. It additionally has a carbon filter to enhance the style, nonetheless that is solely good for 100 litres (26 gallons) earlier than it must be changed.

Lifestraw Go_by_Laurence Norah

LifeStraw check all their merchandise and publish their outcomes on their web site. The LifeStraw Go meets US EPA and NSF P231 ingesting water requirements for the elimination of micro organism and parasites.

The principle drawback of the LifeStraw is that it’s actually designed for single individual use. The filtration occurs as you drink, so you’ll be able to’t filter water after which distribute it to others. So everybody would want their very own LifeStraw. It additionally isn’t good for filtering water for makes use of aside from ingesting, for a similar purpose.

Nonetheless, as a ingesting water filter it really works very effectively so long as you don’t have to take away viruses, and the worth can be very affordable. We nonetheless use ours often once we journey.

Different related choices in the marketplace embrace the Sawyer Bottle and the Katadyn BeFree. These work in the same means, so that you would possibly wish to evaluate stats and costs to see which inserts your wants finest.

Capability: 650ml / 22fl oz
Weight: 221g / 7.84oz
Filter sort: Straw primarily based
What it might probably filter: micro organism, parasites
Lifespan: 4000 litre / 1000 gallon
Value per litre in USD at MSRP: 1 cent per litre
Value: Examine on-line at Amazon right here, REI right here


Sawyer Bottle

Sawyer are one other well-known model who make a wide range of water filtration merchandise. The Sawyer Bottle is much like the LifeStraw Go in that it really works with an inline straw. To make use of it, you merely refill the water bottle, then drink via the inline straw.

The Best Water Filters for Travel 2023 + Everything You Need to Know

The bottle makes use of Sawyers 0.1 micron filter know-how, which implies it filters out micro organism and parasites, however gained’t take away viruses. Because it’s a straw, you want to suck fairly onerous to get the water via.

One main benefit of the Sawyer Bottle in comparison with the LifeStraw Go is that it comes with a backwashing package. That is mainly a syringe that you should use to pressure clear water via the filter in reverse, a course of generally known as backwashing.

This considerably extends the lifetime of the filter as a result of it unblocks the pores. Sawyer state that with common backwashing (after each journey ideally), the filter ought to final for not less than 100,000 gallons. That’s mainly a lifetime of use for most individuals, and it makes the Sawyer Bottle some of the cost-effective water filters in our spherical up on a value per litre foundation.

The bottle itself can be comparatively light-weight, at 5.5oz (155g), and may maintain 34oz (1 litre) of water.

It has related downsides to the LifeStraw Go, in that it’s primarily designed for offering clear ingesting water for one individual, slightly than water for a number of folks or for different functions like cooking.

Additionally it is lacking a charcoal filter, so doesn’t take away the style that filters with a charcoal filter do. Merchandise are examined to EPA requirements, with check studies obtainable on their web site right here.

Capability: 1 litre / 34oz
Weight: 155g / 5.5 oz
Filter sort: Straw
What it might probably filter: micro organism, parasites
Lifespan: 454,609 litres / 100,000 gallon
Value per litre in USD at MSRP:  0.01 cents per litre
Value: Examine on-line on Amazon right here


LifeStraw Mission

If you’re in search of a product that may filter water for a variety of folks in addition to for a number of makes use of, then think about the LifeStraw Mission. This can be a gravity bag with a built-in filter.

To make use of it, you fill the bag up with water to be filtered, dangle it up, after which gravity forces water via the filter and out of the faucet.

This makes the LifeStraw Mission superb for tenting in teams, in addition to normal actions the place you want water for a number of folks or makes use of.

The Best Water Filters for Travel 2023 + Everything You Need to Know

LifeStraw really make a spread of gravity fashion filters. The Mission is the model designed to purify water, and it’ll take away micro organism, viruses and parasites. This increased degree of filtration makes it a dearer choice.

It meets NSF customary P231, and LifeStraw publishes lab report information on their web site for his or her merchandise.

LifeStraw additionally produce other gravity merchandise, such because the LifeStraw Peak and Flex, that are decrease value choices that take away micro organism and parasites however not viruses. So which is finest for you’ll rely in your vacation spot and necessities.

If you need purification that may deal with viruses as effectively, then the Mission is an efficient choice. It is available in two variations, one with a 12 litre (3.1 gallon) bag and one with a 5 litre (1.3 gallon) bag. They each have the identical filter, which has a formidable lifetime filtration capability of 18,000 litres (4,755 gallons).

It’s additionally comparatively gentle at 530g (18.7 oz) for the 12-litre model, which makes this a great choice for journey. Given the lengthy lifetime of the filter, it additionally provides a wonderful value per litre.

Capability: 12 litres / 3.1 gallons
Weight: 530g / 18.7 oz
Filter sort: Gravity primarily based filter
What it might probably filter: micro organism, parasites, viruses
Lifespan: 18,000 litres / 4,755 gallon
Value per litre in USD at MSRP: 0.7 cents per litre
Value: Examine on-line on Amazon right here and REI right here


Grayl UltraPress

We got here throughout the Grayl vary of merchandise when researching a visit to Africa. We didn’t wish to must be always shopping for bottled water, however knew that the danger of water borne viruses was an actual concern. As such, we wished a filtration system we may depend on to totally purify water for ingesting.

In our case this was primarily going to be water sourced from faucets, so while it was usually clear to the attention, we had no concept what it is perhaps carrying. To be on the secure aspect, we figured a system that filtered out all the pieces together with viruses was a good suggestion, which meant our LifeStraw Go wasn’t going to chop it.

We discovered the Grayl UltraPress met our wants. This appears to be like like a water bottle, however has a intelligent constructed in-filter system which has you urgent the filter via the water type of like a French Press, with the clear water ending up in a chamber you’ll be able to drink from.

The Best Water Filters for Travel 2023 + Everything You Need to Know

There are just a few benefits of the Grayl UltraPress. First, it’s able to filtering out all waterborne pathogens together with viruses. It does this with a mix of small pore holes and electroadsorption / ion alternate. There’s additionally a carbon factor within the filter to take away style and odor.

Second, the press system implies that the purified water goes right into a chamber from the place it may be decanted into different containers. So you should use this for a number of folks, for cooking, private hygiene and so forth. This makes it far more versatile in comparison with a straw-based system.

There are some downsides. The double-walled design and comparatively giant filter unit implies that the machine is a bit of heavy. It might additionally solely maintain 500 ml / 16.90z, though the bigger GeoPress mannequin holds 740 ml / 24oz

As well as, a filter which might filter out viruses usually has a shorter lifecycle.

Grayl Ultrapress_by_Laurence Norah-3

The Grayl Ultrapress filter is rated at 150 litres (40 gallons), so the associated fee per litre is kind of excessive. In some locations, it would even be increased than shopping for bottled water. Nonetheless, substitute filters usually are not too costly, so over the lifetime of the product the worth per litre will come down a bit of.

The bigger GeoPress is barely marginally dearer and may do as much as 250 litres (65 gallons) per filter, in order that does work out more cost effective total. Nonetheless it’s also bulkier and heavier.

Urgent the water additionally takes a little bit of effort. I discovered it best to place the entire unit on the ground after which push down, though it may be accomplished by hand on a desk as effectively. Grayl does advocate utilizing your physique weight to push it down, and the floor of the highest of the bottle that you simply push on is designed to be snug to do that and to face up to the strain.

It’s simply fairly a bit of labor, and in my expertise took a bit of longer than the ten seconds Grayl suggests, even with clear water and a brand new filter.

Additionally it is price noting that an electroadsorption / ion alternate primarily based filtration course of is a bit of completely different to plain filtration which depends on pore dimension. A pore-based system mainly blocks the dangerous issues. An ion primarily based system works a bit like glue – the dangerous issues within the water like viruses keep on with the ions whereas the water passes via.

Sadly, over time, the ions can lose their cost and the filter can lose its effectiveness. In contrast to a pore-based system, which blocks up and turns into un-usable when exhausted, there’s no simple solution to inform when an ion-exchange system has misplaced its cost.

Grayl state that 300 presses is the lifetime of the system, and that is when the bigger pores will change into blocked, leading to lowered move. Mainly, when it takes twice so long as regular to press via, it’s time to vary the filter. We’d advocate attempting to maintain observe of how a lot you could have used it as effectively, and erring on the secure aspect in the case of changing the filter.

Lastly, while the Grayl web site states that the product has been independently examined to fulfill or exceed NSF protocols 42 and 53, there is no such thing as a point out of NSF protocol P231, which is the usual that needs to be examined to. I additionally wasn’t capable of finding the check outcomes on their web site.

I did attain out to Grayl about this, and so they did ship via impartial laboratory check studies that present that the product works as marketed to take away viruses, micro organism and protozoa. So in case you have considerations, I’d recommend reaching out to them immediately, their customer support may be very responsive.

As well as, impartial checks like this have proven that Grayl does purify water because it claims. I wish to see this type of factor revealed on the Grayl web site for transparency.

General we now have preferred our Grayl UltraPress for journey.

Capability: 500 ml / 16.9 fl oz
Weight: 354 g / 12.5 oz
Filter sort: Electroadsorptive ion alternate / charcoal
What it might probably filter: micro organism, parasites, viruses
Lifespan: 150 litres / 40 gallons
Movement Fee: 3 litres / minute
Value per litre in USD at MSRP: 60 cents per litre
Value: Examine on-line at Amazon right here, REI right here and Grayl right here


LifeSaver Bottle

LifeSaver was developed by a UK primarily based inventor, and their merchandise have been utilized by the British Military for water filtration within the area.

The LifeSaver Bottle is designed to filter out micro organism, viruses, and parasites. It really works utilizing an built-in pump and filter system. So that you refill the chamber, then use the built-in pump to pressurize the bottle.

This forces water via the filter, which makes use of 0.015 micron (15 nanometer) pores to purify the water. Clear water is then obtainable within the clear water space, which can be utilized for ingesting in addition to different makes use of like private hygiene and cooking.

The Best Water Filters for Travel 2023 + Everything You Need to Know

The LifeSaver bottle has a comparatively excessive up-front value; nonetheless the 4,000 mannequin is able to filtering 4,000 litres of water earlier than the filter must be changed. This can be a lot for a pump-based filter that removes viruses, and it implies that the general value per litre is comparatively low.

As a result of the LifeSaver is filter primarily based, the pores will block over time, and when it’s now not filtering correctly it’ll now not enable water via.

There’s additionally a carbon filter for eradicating style from the water, and this has a lifespan of 250 litres.

By way of specs, the machine has been examined to fulfill the NSF P231 customary in addition to the extra strict NSF P248 customary. The LifeSaver web site lists check outcomes for his or her merchandise on their web site right here, with the latest report we may discover from 2020 displaying the bottle met NSF P248 necessities.

You too can see an older check report carried out by the London College of Hygiene & Tropical Medication right here. It’s good to see these check outcomes shared publicly.

There are some disadvantages to the LifeSaver which are price mentioning. As this can be a pressurised system it’s actually vital to observe the directions rigorously in order to keep away from over-pressurising it, which can lead to failure.

Moreover, the machine must be primed, and to have an inch of water in it always, even when it’s saved. With out the water, the pores shut up and the filter stops working. It’s potential to fly with the LifeSaver, and take away the water for a brief time frame, however you want to keep in mind so as to add water after the flight.

That is additionally a reasonably heavy total answer in comparison with different choices on our listing. LifeSaver do have a more moderen product referred to as the LifeSaver Liberty, which weighs 425g (15oz), and which might filter as much as 2,000 litres (440 gallons). Being smaller, it might probably solely retailer and course of 400ml (13.5 fl oz) at a time. Nonetheless, if weight is a main concern, then that will be our suggestion.

Should you want extra water storage and processing capability, then think about the LifeSaver Expedition Jerrycan. That is additionally rated to NSF P248, and may retailer and filter as much as 18.5 litres (4 gallons) of water at a time. It’s obtainable in two variations, one with a filter that may deal with 10,000 litres (2,650 gallons), and one with a formidable lifespan of 20,000 litres (5,300 gallons).

The Jerrycan would make for a wonderful choice for these of you in search of a tenting or RV answer the place you could have a automobile and weight is much less of a difficulty. It’s additionally an important choice for catastrophe planning for at residence use.

General although, the LifeSaver Bottle is a extremely good choice if you want filters with an extended lifespan, virus elimination with a comparatively low value per litre, and a product that has been examined to the very best requirements. Simply remember that it’s a little heavier than another choices, and you want to observe the directions rigorously.

Capability: 750ml / 26.4 fl oz
Weight: 635g / 22oz
Filter sort: Pump primarily based filter
What it might probably filter: micro organism, parasites, viruses
Lifespan: 4,000 litre / 1,056 gallon
Movement Fee:  2.5 litres / minute
Value per litre in USD at MSRP: 4.5 cents per litre
Value: Examine on-line on Amazon right here, REI right here


Survivor Filter Professional

Survivor is one other well-known model for water filtration. The Survivor Filter Professional is well-liked with again nation campers, nevertheless it’s a great journey choice basically because of its gentle weight.

The Survivor Filter Professional is mainly a hand powered pump filter. In contrast to many of the different units in our round-up, it doesn’t have built-in water storage. Just like the SteriPen, it’s designed to work together with your current water storage system.

The Best Water Filters for Travel 2023 + Everything You Need to Know

The pump is kind of easy. It has an inlet hose and an outlet hose, in addition to three filter phases. You place the inlet hose into the water you wish to purify, and the outlet hose into your container. Whenever you pump, the water passes via the three-stage filter course of.

These three phases work as follows. First, there’s a 0.1 micron (100 nanometer)  pre-filter which removes micro organism and parasites. The water then goes via the carbon filter, which improves style and may take away sure heavy metals and chemical compounds.

Lastly, the water passes via the 0.01 micron (10 nanometer) ultra-filter. 10 nanometers meets the CDC pointers for optimum ultrafiltration of viruses.

You would possibly suppose that having such superb pores would end result within the Survivor Filter Professional having a brief lifespan. Nonetheless, Survivor provides you with a syringe that can be utilized to pressure clear water via the pump in reverse. This flushes out the filters, unblocking the pores, and tremendously extending the lifespan.

With common again washing, Survivor states that their filters will last as long as 100,000 litres (26,417 gallons) earlier than needing to get replaced. Substitute filters are additionally comparatively low value. The carbon filter is rated as much as 2,000 litres (528 gallons).

By way of testing, all Survivor Filters are examined by impartial third-party labs to make certain they carry out as claimed as much as NSF requirements. You possibly can see the studies on their web site right here.

By way of value per litre and total unit value, the Survivor Filter Professional provides glorious worth for cash. The one important draw back is the move fee. It takes a minute to pump half a litre of water. That is truthfully to be anticipated, given the very tiny pore dimension in use, however it’s undoubtedly one of many slower choices on our listing.

Should you don’t wish to spend your time pumping, think about as a substitute the battery powered electrical model. That may filter as much as 360 litres (95 gallons) from two AA batteries, however can be powered by USB. In fact, counting on an electrical answer won’t be for everybody.

General, as a light-weight long-lasting choice this can be a superb selection. It’s notably good for backcountry tenting the place weight is essential, and the place turgid water sources would possibly stump a UV primarily based system just like the SteriPen. You additionally clearly have to pack and produce your personal water bottle.

Capability: N/A
Weight: 362g / 12.8 oz
Filter sort: Pump primarily based filter
What it might probably filter: micro organism, parasites, viruses
Lifespan: 100,000 litre / 26,417 gallon
Movement Fee:  0.5 litres / minute
Value per litre in USD at MSRP: 0.07 cents per litre
Value: Examine on-line on Amazon right here


Additional Studying

And that’s it to our information to the most effective water filters for journey. We hope you discovered it helpful! Earlier than you head on, we additionally wished to share another content material we’ve put collectively that you simply would possibly discover helpful, in addition to related third celebration sources.

And that’s it! As at all times, we’d love to listen to your ideas, feedback and questions on this information in case you have any. Simply pop them within the feedback part beneath and we’ll get again to you as quickly as we will.

A detailed guide to water filters for travel. How they work, what to look for, when you might need a water filter and the best on the market

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